by Bernard D. Nomberg, Partner, The Nomberg Law Firm

people jumping off dock into a lake Labor Day Holiday Weekend is finally upon us. It’s the last hoorah of summer. The weekend signals a farewell to pool parties, trips to the lake and bathing in the sun. Over the upcoming weeks we will say hello to sweater weather, pumpkin spice and (hopefully!) cooler temperatures. So as you head into the long weekend, please keep in mind the potential for danger so you can avoid any delay to your fun.[1]

The National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA) marks Labor Day weekend as a time for increased vigilance for law enforcement officers on the roads.[2] While for some this may merely mean to tap the breaks on their lead foot, for everyone it warns of the potential for drunk drivers on the road and the accidents that could happen because of them. During the 2017 holiday weekend, 376 people died in accidents due to drunk drivers.[3] So as you and your loved ones pack into the car to travel, the NHSA has some helpful tips to keep safe on the roads.

  • Drinking and driving is never okay. Even after a single alcoholic beverage. Plan ahead for a designated sober driver for when the party ends.
  • No matter the source of impairment, the new slogan by the NHSA shows that driving high still gets a DUI. So again, make a plan and stick to your designated driver position.
  • If you or a passenger think another car on the road might be driven by an impaired driver, pull over and report the vehicle to 911.
  • If you notice someone else is attempting to leave in their own car while impaired, take action and make a plan for them to get home safely. You never know who might be saved down the road.

If your weekend involves activities around the water, like boating, make sure your children are properly supervised at all times. Even if a lifeguard is on duty, a second set of eyes on your little ones can make the difference.[4] Never let children who don’t know how to swim be near the water alone. A floatation device is no fool-proof method for avoiding disaster. But in case of disaster, learn how to perform CPR on both kids and adults. A good defense is the best offense when it comes to water safety.

Labor Day weekend is your last chance at summer activities as the year rushes on. Let it be a weekend of fun for you and your family by knowing the potential for hazards and planning to avoid them before it can pose a threat to your holiday.

If you find yourself or a loved one happen to be involved in an accident during this holiday weekend and need legal representation, please consider contacting The Nomberg Law Firm. We are located in Birmingham, Alabama. Office number is 205-930-6900.  For further information, please visit our website:




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