Infuse is a bone graft product that was approved by the FDA in July 2002 to be used in spinal fusion surgeries. The product was FDA approved ONLY for fusions of the lumbar spine (low back) where the product was implanted through a frontal approach to the spine (i.e. the stomach/abdomen).

When used in manners not approved by the FDA, Infuse is known to cause excessive and uncontrolled bone growth, severe inflammation, permanent nerve damage, paralysis, and other serious injuries.

In 2008 the FDA warned against the use of Infuse in fusions of the cervical spine (the neck). In June 2011, further warnings emerged regarding the use of Infuse in lumbar fusions where the product was implanted through a posterior approach to the spine (through the back).

If you have had a spinal fusion with Infuse, or have had a spinal fusion after July 2002 and are unsure if Infuse was used, and have experienced or are experiencing any of the symptoms or conditions referenced above, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

If you or a loved one have undergone spinal fusion using Medtronic’s InFUSE bone graft, and have experienced any side effects, please contact the Nomberg Law Firm today. (205) 930-6900 or

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