We currently represent a longtime Jefferson County municipal employee who was injured on the job in three separate accidents during a four year span. All three accidents led to injuries. The employer recognized the claims as workers’ compensation injuries and paid for his medical care each time. The main injury is to his low back, nonsurgical herniations at L4 – L5.

Our client is 11th grade educated and has performed only manual labor jobs for the city for more than a decade. The injuries ultimately prevent him from returning to his former job as a truck driver. He likely cannot ever do any manual labor jobs until he receives further medical care. Our client has not worked or received any financial help in a year. Since he is still a city employee he cannot draw unemployment benefits and the city will not pay him weekly workers’ compensation benefits.

A year and a half after the most recent accident, the city decided they had enough of paying for the client’s medical care so they sent him for a so-called “independent medical examination” with a local doctor. This doctor has a reputation for never believing claimant’s injury is related to the work accident. Most of the time he opines that the injury is based on age, arthritis or something else besides the work accident. However, he will happily treat the client on the client’s health insurance. He mentions this several times to the client. What a swell fellow!

Well. This just burns me up. This is why we do what we do. Legal rights are being trampled on and something needs to be done to fix this situation.

We recently filed suit for the client. The judge has now set this case for a compensability hearing. Hopefully the judge will be able to see through the city’s stalling, money-saving tactics.

Stay tuned …

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