So its time to go to trial in your Alabama workers’ compensation case. What is that like?  In this video, Bernard discusses what trial is like for a work comp case.

Alabama is the only state where workers’ compensation cases are tried and ruled on by a trial judge.  Trials usually last less than one day, most only take a few hours. It really depends on how many issues are contested between the parties. The more issues the parties can agree upon the shorter the trial. For example, if the degree of disability is the only issue before the court, and everything else is stipulated to and put into evidence, then typically the trial will last just a couple of hours.  For more information on this subject, check out our blog: I HAVE A WORKERS’ COMPENSATION CASE AND WE HAVE TO GO TO TRIAL. WHAT IS THAT LIKE?

Also, see, SETTLE YOUR WORKERS’ COMPENSATION CLAIM OR GO TO TRIAL? where Bernard discusses settling a work comp claim or going to trial.

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