In September, Bernard settled a motor vehicle accident case for two clients in Jefferson County. The clients were traveling through an intersection when their car was t-boned by a driver who was in a high-speed chase attempting to allude police. One of the clients sustained significant orthopedic injuries that have required many months of medical care. Unfortunately some of these injuries will develop into permanent conditions. Bernard settled the personal injury and property damage claims with the tortfeasor’s insurance carrier for both clients.

This past week, Bernard negotiated a very nice settlement with the clients’ underinsured motorist insurance benefits. These settlements, including the property damage claim for their totaled vehicle, puts the clients’ overall total settlement of more than $100,000. A very nice resolution and end to a very difficult time period for our two very nice clients.

The Nomberg Law Firm handles automobile accident cases throughout the state of Alabama. Please call our office today for a free consultation. (205) 930-6900

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Steve Altmann has been assisting consumers and business owners with bankruptcy matters for more than 27 years. 

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