On Wednesday, Bernard spoke to the students at The Altamont School concerning the dangers of distracted driving.

The thirty minute presentation emphasized the dangers of driving while distracted. Distractions like eating, talking on the phone, and texting effect the driver’s reaction time and perception of what is going on outside the vehicle. It was a powerful presentation that also showed the realities of what can happen – serious injuries and sometimes death.

The Nomberg News

Bernard addressing Altamont students this week on the dangers of driving while distracted.

“Just the way friends don’t let friends drive drunk, friends shouldn’t let friends drive distracted and I’m really optimistic and excited about kids, a new generation getting that message”.

– Joel Feldman, co-founder of End Distracted Driving

The End Distracted Driving is sponsored by the Casey Feldman Foundation and is dedicated to inspiring individuals and communities to take action to end distracted driving. To learn more about the organization and their mission, visit their website at https://www.enddd.org.