In September, David filed a lawsuit in Jefferson County, Alabama on behalf of a client injured while working. Our client was employed by a national freight company, when he hurt his back performing his job duties.  David’s client was making a delivery when he hurt his back pulling a loaded pallet jack up a ramp. Our client suffered serious injuries to his back resulting in two back surgeries.

Our client requires ongoing medical care including several prescription medications to treat his daily pain. He worked as a truck driver for thirty-five years, but due to his injuries and permanent work restrictions his doctor stated he could no longer perform this line of work. He is disabled pursuant to the Social Security Administration due to the injuries sustained in the accident.

Six months after filing the claim in court, the case settled at mediation for $200,000 with the employer/workers’ compensation carrier being responsible for our client’s future medical care related to the on-the-job accident. This was a most significant settlement for our client but most important for him, the several medications and other treatment he is prescribed will be paid for by the employer/workers’ compensation carrier. This was a very good result for a deserving client.

The Nomberg Law Firm handles workers’ compensation cases throughout the state of Alabama. Please call our office today for a free consultation. (205) 930-6900

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