The Nomberg Law Firm is very pleased to report that a Shelby County jury returned a compensatory and punitive damages verdict this week for our client in a hotly contested motor vehicle case. The jury awarded $50,000 in compensatory and $32,500 for punitive damages. Bernard was proud to sit with JD Lawrence and Nate Vanderveer who tried an excellent case. Our client suffered facial fractures that required surgery. The defendant driver lied and the jury punished him for not taking responsibility for his actions. This was a great result in a very tough venue.

The defendant driver sped up to catch the car our client was riding in on a dark county road late at night. Our client was a passenger riding in his friend’s car on their way home after playing pickup soccer. The defendant driver passed our client’s car, immediately got in front of our client’s vehicle and then slammed on the brakes; as if he was playing a video game. He blamed the accident on a deer running out in front of his car. He was the only person who claimed to have seen a deer despite having four passengers in his car. He never took responsibility for the accident and continued to lie throughout the litigation. The jury did not believe the deer story and punished him for lying and driving so recklessly.

The trial judge said it is the first time he has ever had a wantonness claim go to the jury and to have punitive damages in a jury verdict.

The Nomberg Law Firm handles local as well as state wide automobile collision cases. If you have been injured in a car wreck, please do not hesitate to call the Nomberg Law Firm for a free consultation.

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