• Emily Wells recently joined our staff as a legal assistant. Emily’s job duties include opening and closing files, as well as copying and scanning documents. These most important tasks keep our office running efficiently. Emily is finishing her last year at UAB where she will achieve her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology while on an academic scholarship. Emily is recently engaged. She enjoys spending time outdoors hiking with her fiancé. Emily said she enjoys her job and knows that she is contributing to helping our clients behind the scenes. Emily is a hard worker. She is doing a great job and we are glad to have her on our team.
  • Bernard and David are members of the Birmingham Bar Association’s Workers’ Compensation Section. Members of the Section volunteered in April and May at both the District Court and Domestic Relations Help Desks. This Section’s efforts were recently documented in the Birmingham Bar Association Bulletin. To read the full article, please click on the following link:
  • David was recently interviewed by WorkCompCentral concerning the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act’s severely outdated cap on permanent partial disability.
  • We handle claims for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration. Below is a good primer to what these benefits entail. If you or a loved one think of applying for disability benefits, please contact our office. We can help.
  • Many of you have already received our 2014 Alabama/Auburn Football Schedules. If you would like one, please send us a message.


  • Last month Bernard settled a Jefferson County workers’ compensation case for a Client against a steel corporation. Our Client was injured when he noticed a coil was becoming stuck on a conveyor belt, however his coworker turned the conveyor belt back on at the wrong time causing our Clients legs to be pinned under extreme heavy coils. He lost 40% of the muscle in his left leg, had several skin graphs to both legs, and suffered a 20% to the whole person injury. We are pleased to report that the case settled for 25 times the impairment rating.
  • We previously told you about one of our Clients, who on the eve of shoulder surgery, was informed that the claim and surgery were being denied. After weeks of negotiations through mediation, the employers insurance company arbitrarily and without reason changed its mind about compensability. We were then forced to file lawsuit in St. Clair County so that the judge could help us protect our Clients legal rights. Although this was a witnessed and reported accident and injury, the insurance company changed its mind about paying for medical care only after the Client was informed by the authorized treating doctor that he needed surgery on his shoulder. Unfortunately, we are now nine months after the accident and still fighting in court. The trial court recently made two rulings in favor of our Client to have the surgery, but once again, the defense insurance company is stalling. They recently filed a writ of mandamus to the Civil Court of Appeals. While this is very frustrating for the Client, he knows we must go through this to have his rights enforced.
  • Bernard resolved a case for a Client against a large transportation company stemming from an accident that occurred in New Jersey while the Client was working on the job. The Client injured his right shoulder while he was trying to loosen nylon straps that secured more than 30,000 pounds of steel on his flatbed truck. Ultimately the Client had surgery to repair a torn bicep tendon that prevented him from working for several months. We recently resolved his case for seven times the impairment rating. Unfortunately, we are not finished representing this Client as he now has an injury on the other shoulder from a similar type on the job accident.
  • Bernard settled a Limestone County workers’ compensation claim in July. Our Client was working for construction company when he fell through an open manhole cover and severely injured multiple levels in his neck. This permanent and total disability settlement will take care of our Client for life. This workers’ compensation claim settled for $165,000.
  • David filed two automobile collision lawsuits this month, one in Jefferson County the other in Talladega County.
  • David settled a workers’ compensation claim for a Georgia-based over-the-road truck driver injured in Alabama. Our Client injured both rotator cuffs over an eighteen month period. His claims settled for $76,000. He has returned to work as a truck driver.
  • David settled a car collision case for $45,000. The claim was originally denied by the insurance company but after we completed our investigation, liability was accepted by the at fault driver’s insurance company. This was a very good result for our Client.


    Many factors determine the value of a workers’ compensation claim. Determining the value of a workers’ compensation claim is like putting together a puzzle. Just like you need all the pieces of the puzzle to put the puzzle together, a workers’ compensation attorney needs to know facts like the average weekly wage, impairment rating, and work restrictions, to name a few, in order to tell you what your workers’ compensation claim is worth.


“IF you have a Workers Comp injury / CALL Mr. Bernard Nomberg! If you have another attorney and your case is going nowhere / CALL Mr. Bernard Nomberg! When Worker’s Comp doesn’t approve your surgery and let you use your own doctor / CALL Mr. Bernard Nomberg! When you stop getting your weekly W.C. disability checks / CALL Mr. Bernard Nomberg. All the above happened to me then I made the CALL and within weeks all was taking care of by him. VERY IMPORTANT when you are home and injured he answers your emails and phone calls . THANK YOU MR Bernard NOMBERG”

Mike W., South Carolina (We certainly appreciate Mike’s enthusiasm and kind words!)

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Steve Altmann has been assisting consumers and business owners with bankruptcy matters for more than 27 years. 

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