• With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to let you know we are thankful for our supportive and loving families, our talented and dedicated staff, the many fine attorneys and law firms that refer clients to us and our many clients who give us the honor in representing them. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
  • With Veteran’s Day having just passed, we want to be sure to recognize and thank Ray Neal (paralegal) and Joel Nomberg (Dad/Of Counsel) for their service to our Country. Birmingham is home to the oldest Veteran’s Day parade in America. Birmingham’s Veteran’s Day parade is also one of the longest at over two hours. We know, because the the parade route is by our office and we watch every year. It was great to see young people shaking hands with Veterans and thanking them for their service. Here is a photo from this year’s parade as the participants march down 2nd Avenue North.


  • With the cold weather upon us and in keeping with the Firm’s mission of helping those in need, whether in or out of the courtroom, the Firm made its annual donation of gloves, knitted hats and fleece blankets to local area shelters. Please be mindful of the harsh weather as the temperature drops in the upcoming days and weeks.
  • Keep up with the Firm through our social media platforms. Links for all of our social media outlets are located at the top of the newsletter.


  • David and his client reached a settlement of a Franklin County workers’ compensation case at mediation this month. Our client, a nurse, injured her low back while taking care of a patient, resulting in two back surgeries. The injuries will prevent her from returning to work as a nurse, but the settlement, which was approved this month in Russellville, compensated her for her physical impairment and vocational disability so that she can return to school or be retrained in another field. Her former employer will pay for her future medical care.
  • David reached settlements on behalf of two clients in two separate auto accident claims. Both favorable settlements will result in our clients receiving money to compensate them for lost wages, out of pocket expenses and pain and suffering as well as pay for their medical liens and subrogation interests. Both cases were resolved without the need for litigation.
  • Bernard recently settled a Jefferson County claim for a chef who injured his knee while cleaning up at a local restaurant. Our client slipped on loose gravel near the outside patio and injured his left knee and groin. We filed suit after the insurance carrier denied the claim. They denied the claim based on a prior knee injury from a decade prior. We were able to prove the prior knee injury had no effect on this claim. Ultimately the client was able to have the needed surgery and rehab paid for by the insurance carrier. He is now back at work. We settled the claim for the value of the permanent impairment and his future medical care remains open.
  • Another client was injured in a shipping yard when he fell off a wall down 5-6 feet to a concrete floor. He injured his right shoulder and hip from the fall. After 3-4 months of intense physical therapy, the client was released back to work. However, he could no longer perform the labor intensive work the job called for. After changing employment, the client was able to find a less taxing job while making close to the same amount of money. We recently settled this Jefferson County claim for the impairment rating and vocational disability.
  • One of Bernard’s clients was working for a local fast food restaurant when she injured herself while lifting heavy boxes of frozen food. She ultimately had to have a low back fusion surgery that included orthopedic hardware inserted into her back permanently. Thankfully our client recovered nicely after the surgery and is presently back at work. We were able to settle this claim for the impairment rating while keeping her future medical care open. This was also a Jefferson County case.
  • We recently filed a workers compensation lawsuit in Walker County for a client who injured his shoulder and cervical spine when he was attempting to unload heavy pallets of produce at a local school. The workers’ compensation carrier accepted the claim and paid for the surgeries and rehab, but they have refused to negotiate a settlement in good faith. Unfortunately, we were forced to file suit so that the circuit court judge will hopefully see the true value of this case.
  • We had another client in Jefferson County, a materials handler for one of the local energy companies, who injured his lower back while lifting a very heavy pipe from the trailer. Surgery was recommended but the client chose the more conservative route of medical care, which was his prerogative. Thankfully he made a nice recovery and was able to resume work shortly after the accident. We settled his case for the impairment rating with medical care left open.
  • Bernard recently settled the case for an employee who works for Honda Manufacturing in Talladega. Our client worked on the assembly line and through the repetitive movements of reaching overhead and twisting she injured both of her wrists and her back. The client had previously had cervical neck surgery but had been released to full care. The workers’ compensation carrier accepted this more recent claim and paid for her medical care going forward. We settled this case for the medical impairment with future medical care being left open.
  • Bernard was recently in Selma for a Social Security disability appeal hearing. Our client had four back surgeries, including a multilevel fusion. Currently he walks with the use of a cane and takes several pain medicines. The ALJ ruled from the bench in a fully favorable decision for our client. We are very pleased for this very nice man who is certainly deserving.


    Answer: To be considered disabled by the Social Security Administration, you must have one or more “medically determinable impairments” that result in the inability to perform “substantial gainful activity” or are likely to result in death. The inability to work due to such medical conditions must be for one year or more.


(This is the first section our mother reads: she likes to know all the nice things our clients say about us.)”I was referred to Bernard Nomberg by my Doctor…. He knew about all the problems I was having in my ex-employers. I was ready to pull my hair out!! I went to see Mr. Nomberg and he took my case. After he worked with my case he wasn’t able to do all that was needed… But he didn’t give up on me. He knew someone who may be able to go further with it. And they were. But if not for Bernard….. THAT NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. Thank you Bernard Nomberg.”

V.C. Talladega, AL

“David, thank you for handling my claim as if it were your own. It takes a special person to deal with sensitive matters such as mine. Services provided by you and your staff definitely exceeded my expectations. You and your firm were highly recommended to me; now I know why.”

A.W. Hoover, AL

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Steve Altmann has been assisting consumers and business owners with bankruptcy matters for more than 27 years. 

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