Employment Law

Bernard negotiated a six figure settlement for two clients in a sexual harassment case against a kids indoor fun facility in Houston County. The harasser was also a co-owner of the facility. He did the hiring and firing, but he also had a had a propensity for hitting on and propositioning the newly hired females. These claims were settled prior to litigation.

Bernard and David defended a sales representative in a breach of contract and fraud case brought against our client.  The company she sold durable medical equipment for sued her for allegedly violating her non-compete agreement. The company sought to enforce a non-compete agreement and enjoin our client from selling durable medical equipment. We were successful at the preliminary injunction stage of litigation proving our client was an independent contractor, thus the non-compete agreement was void under Alabama law. This win allowed our client to continue to sell product. The plaintiff appealed the trial court’s ruling which was affirmed by the Alabama Supreme Court. Litigation continued ultimately resulting in the plaintiff paying our client money to settle the litigation.

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