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We want to share with you news about a most significant case we recently completed work on. Our firm was co-counsel in a case involving a special little girl who suffered catastrophic injuries in 2009.

Four years ago, when our young client was two years old, she was strapped to a stretcher that was being pulled from the back of an ambulance.  Due to the negligence of the ambulance company personnel, the stretcher flipped on its side, falling about four feet to the ground, landing on the pavement.  Though strapped to the stretcher, our client’s head struck the ground.  Within 48 hours, she was paralyzed from the chest down and she remains paralyzed today.

We always believed what happened to our client was straightforward, but the case proved to be complex in regards to the amount of time spent in litigation, the many medical issues and various experts hired in the case. On the day before we were to begin selecting members of the jury, the defendants agreed to pay the settlement demand we made on behalf of our client.  While the settlement amount is confidential, it is a most significant settlement that will help take care of our young client for the rest of her life.  She is now 6 years old and thriving in school in south Alabama.  The case was filed in Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia.  The successful result for our client was due in large part to co-counsel John C. Bell, Jr., from Augusta, Georgia.

David settled a workers’ compensation case for $300,000.  Our client was injured while performing his job duties and is paralyzed as a result of the work accident.  The favorable settlement requires the employer to pay for his future medical needs for his lifetime. This was a significant settlement for a most-deserving client.  This case was filed in Marshall County, Alabama.

In another spinal injury case, our client was injured in a car accident in Louisiana while on his way to a work site in Texas.  Our client is paralyzed from the waist down.  David began representing him in December 2012.  In February 2013, David settled his workers’ compensation claim for $230,000.  This was a most favorable settlement for our client because it was the maximum amount of money he could receive pursuant to the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act.  Also, his employer will be responsible for his future medical needs for his lifetime. We are also assisting our client with filing for Social Security disability benefits.

David settled a North Alabama workers’ compensation lawsuit for $350,000. In addition to the significant lump sum payment, the settlement requires the employer and its workers’ compensation carrier to pay for lifetime medical benefits for our client.  Our client was employed for more than twenty years for this company, a builder of manufactured homes. While performing his regular job duties, our client injured his spine paralyzing him from the waist down. He is confined to a wheelchair.  The settlement, which was approved by the Circuit Court Judge, was a very good result for a deserving client.

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