The following are testimonials from our clients. These are the words from real people (not paid actors you see on some T.V. commercials) that we have proudly represented. Please note these testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

David Nomberg was referred to me by a schoolmate of mine to help with my workers comp. case. I was over my head dealing with the workers comp. system, but David was all the help I needed. He was so confident and that set me at ease. David always was prompt to get back to me when I had a question and was so helpful telling what to expect next. He guided me to a very just conclusion and handled the settlement well. I would trust David with any legal matter I may face in the future and would recommend the Nomberg Firm to anyone. He has my respect.
Randy L., Bessemer, Alabama

I am very pleased with this firm for all the hard work they’ve put in with my case. I want to thank personally Bernard for helping with everything my family and I had to go through dealing with our workers comp. claim. I felt very comfortable how he dealt with everything it in-tells with this kind of cases and I’m very happy to say that I would keep trusting him with all of my legal needs. God bless you Bernard and your family, my family thanks you for fighting for us!!
Marilyn M., Vestavia, Alabama

I searched many attorney’s before deciding on David Nomberg. I wanted experience, but not too much i.e. someone with 10 – 15 years experience and practiced current law. I wanted someone who would fight for me against these insurance companies. David Nomberg is a leading voice in many associations not only for the betterment of the law, but for his clients. He’s straight forward. Tells you the pros and cons so there’s a clear path moving forward. I asked him to be my attorney in representing my case, and was very confident he would prevail for me and my future health issues. He told me I could call him anytime, but I left him alone. He told me up front this case would take time so I would follow-up every 2 to 3 weeks, and if he didn’t answer he returned my call within minutes. He was successful in my case getting 3 times more than expected, and learned he can play hardball with those insurance companies as well as anyone, trust me. If you want experience, hands on, and an attorney who knows what you are going through and what you need you need to have a one on one conversation. He’s the best in my opinion, thank you David.
Kyle K., Jasper, Alabama

My wife and daughter where involved in a horrible car accident. Bernard Nomberg was respectful and caring. He allowed me to focus on my family. I strongly recommend the Nomberg Law Firm for the legal needs of your family. They are a family based firm that puts their clients first. Mr. Nomberg thank you again for all your support and guidance.
Preston K., Maylene, Alabama

The Nomberg Law Firm was great in assisting me in my legal affairs. They were always informative and without their assistance I wouldn’t have gotten the help I needed. If you are looking for a good law firm that will take on your case as if it was their very own I recommend The Nomberg Law Firm. Thanks for all your help.
Pearline O., Greenville, Alabama

The Nomberg Law Firm is the best choice that I have ever made. They treat my family and me with the most respect in all instances. They have done a great job with my case and are really respectful. They have my best interest in mind which is hard to find now days. I was told about their Firm from another friend that is a lawyer and he only had good words to say about both Benard and David. I would recommend their Firm to everyone. They’re more friends than a lot of people have been to me. Thank you for taking my case. You are a FIVE star firm in my book.
Troy W., Rainsville, Alabama

Mr. Bernard Nomberg comes highly recommended in Birmingham by his colleagues as an effective, competent attorney. Once we met and he took my case, Mr. Nomberg was very thorough and caring. He and his efficient staff helped me navigate the process for resolving my case. He was patient and always gave me the opportunity to make informed decisions for going forward in the process. I was able to receive practical direction from him which assisted me to make sense of all the steps involved. I highly recommend him for clients seeking an attorney to handle workman compensation proceedings. He acted on my behalf to settle my case which I determined was best in my situation. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome. Thank you, Mr. Nomberg!
Peggy L. H, R.N., Birmingham, Alabama

I had lost all hope that I would get through my horrible ordeal involving my workers comp claim. Upon hiring attorney David Nomberg, I was provided excellent and quality service. I always felt that my needs were met and that Mr. Nomberg was invested in me and my case. He was easily accessible, got back to me quickly, aggressive, and got me the results that I wanted. Attorney Nomberg not only got me through the process, he produced the quality that anyone would want when hiring a Workers Comp attorney. Thank you for everything!!
Casey McD., Pelham, Alabama

David Nomberg was highly recommended to me to help with my work comp claim. He did an excellent job of explaining what the process was and what to expect. He was always available to answer my questions. I was very satisfied with the results of the case and I would definitely recommend Mr. Nomberg.
J.R.R., Wetumpka, Alabama

I had a work injury and was denied by other lawyers and Mr. Bernard took my case. My family and I were treated the best ever and I got my case closed. Thank the LORD for his great team !
Jamie H., Birmingham, Alabama

I was involved in an auto accident and received back injuries. I consulted David and found him to be very knowledgeable and courteous. David always kept me updated about my case and made sure I received a fair settlement. I would gladly recommend David to any family or friends in need of a great attorney! Thanks!
Rachael T., Oneonta, Alabama

I am so glad a friend referred me to Bernard. He was pleasant, easy to talk to and explained my options very well. He settled my case quickly and dealt with auto & heath insurance companies to get me as much compensation/reimbursement as possible! Highly recommend.
P. Lewis, Riverside, Alabama

David Nomberg went above and beyond my expectations in handling my work comp case. He always took the time to answer my questions and was unbelievably available through email, text and phone anytime I needed him. I could not have had any better representation than David and would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him to others.
Jerry A., Addison, Alabama

David Nomberg did an excellent job! I called and emailed him several times, prior to hiring him, to get advice. He was always professional and nice. When the right time came I hired him, to represent me in negotiations, and he made sure that I was always aware what was going on. If you ever need an attorney, David Nomberg is the right guy for the job! I highly recommend him and would use him again in a heartbeat! Thank You David Nomberg!
Chris W., Vestavia Hills, Alabama

I lost my left leg in a horrible work comp injury several years back. I was the primary income at the time. As you can imagine not walking for 2 years, i fell behind on many bills. I got around on my prosthetic fine when i first met Bernard. His knowledge and expertise got me back what i had lost out on financially plus some. I will definitely contact him for help in the future if the need arises.
David D., Albertville, Alabama

My wife and I could not be more thankful for Mr. Nomberg, and the Nomberg Law Firm. I was very badly injured in a work accident, and after being misdiagnosed, and not treated properly, we were referred to Mr. Nomberg to help us. During our VERY first conversation, Mr. Nomberg first and foremost put us at ease. He explained exactly what to expect, and set us on the proper course to ensure I was not only treated fairly, but also not taken advantage of. Throughout the year and a half it took to reach a conclusion, Mr. Nomberg was ALWAYS available to answer any of our questions, and to assist us if we had concerns. In every instance, we received a phone call or e-mail reply on the very same day. Without the assistance of Mr. Nomberg, we would have been absolutely lost. We have reached a settlement that has far exceeded our expectations due to the hard work and knowledge of Mr. Nomberg and his staff. PLEASE, if you find yourself in need of an Attorney, CALL the Nomberg Law Firm, he has been an absolute Godsend to us.
Scott M., Huntsville, Alabama

I consulted with and hired Bernard after being involved in an automobile accident. I did not hire Bernard at the time the accident occurred, it was almost 9 months later, because I could not get any where with the at fault party’s insurance company. The case was clear on liability, I was rear ended and sustained injuries. Bernard did a great job of helping me understand the law, my health insurance coverage and my medical payments on my auto insurance policy. He doesn’t make any decisions without consulting you, his practice is very transparent. I would recommend Bernard to anyone that is struggling with an automobile insurer to be compensated for injuries sustained. Bernard successfully settled my claim for $300,000. I was referred to him, no billboards needed! A referral is the best way to find someone to help you!
Shawna H., Alabaster, Alabama

I was in a really bad car accident where I was injured. The person who recklessly injured me did not want to own up to his actions. Bernard literally stood with me from the day of the accident, caring for me, calling and seeing how was I feeling. Eventually, we went to trial and we WON the case! I can honestly say that throughout this horrible time of my life it was great to have Bernard right next to me as my lawyer. Today he is more than a lawyer to me he is my friend. If you are ever in need of a lawyer… He is the man.
Andres R., Alabaster, Alabama

Mr. Nomberg did a wonder job of handling my Workers Compensation case. He made sure I was fully informed on all aspects of the case and kept me informed on any updates or changes. He also at the beginning told me my case would be drawn out for at least 2 years and not to get impatient cause he wanted to get me what I deserved. He did just that and more!
Trinity H., Albertville, Alabama

This is the lawyer you want at your side in any situation! Bernard is very knowledgeable of the law and very willing to answer any questions you may have. He explains things in a way you can understand without making you feel foolish. I went to him when I lost my only remaining brother due to a wrongful death situation. Since he was special needs, in a sense Bernard was representing and giving him a voice also. The ones responsible wanted to claim it was just an accident and not admit that their people dropped the ball. He and co-counsel Erik Heninger compiled a compelling and convincing case against them, and they made a settlement that met the terms we had asked for. I thank God for this man and his firm! I have no hesitation whatsoever in using his services again if, indeed I need it. I wholeheartedly endorse him!
Nate C., Attalla, Alabama

David Nomberg was very professional in the handling of our case. He answered any questions we had promptly and kept us very well-informed about the progress of our case. I recommend him highly to anyone needing legal assistance in a Worker’s Comp. claim.
Louise S., Anniston, Alabama

David was the best. He was professional. He worked hard and knew what we had to do. I will always have a lawyer to go to from now on. HE IS THE BEST LAWYER AROUND!!!!!!
Johnathan C., Brundidge, Alabama

Mr. Nomberg is a great attorney. I highly recommend him. He always was available to answer my questions either by phone or e-mail. The results that I received from him I don’t think I could have gotten them done without him! Thanks David for all that you did for me.
Martella T., Huntsville, Alabama

It is not only a honor but a privilege to have had the expertise and counsel of Attorney Nomberg. I would not have been successful in my fight against a major company that was determined to not only ruin my name but take away my livelyhood and means of supporting my family. I am grateful that I was counseled by Bernard Nomberg and that he not only took my case but succeeded in it as well. It simply is an understatement to address his honesty, straight-forwardness and compassion for people who are considered underdogs when it comes to a very large company , nonetheless Attorney Nomberg stood up for the little man. It has puzzled me for a while but I am thankful, my fee was as humble as I have ever seen and there is no doubt that If the need arises again… BERNARD NOMBERG is my choice …PERIOD!! Thank you for all that you do Sir and continue to be blessed!!!
K. Davis, Port Gibson, Mississippi

Mr. Nomberg is a great lawyer. We contacted him on the internet and within one week we were in his office. He always keeps us up to date on our claim and is always quick to reply to emails. I would recommend him to anyone who wants quick and precise results. He did a wonderful job for us.
James M., Scottsboro, Alabama

I did my research on the attorney that was going to represent my best interest in my Workmen Comp injury. Based on the information I had I knew I hired the best attorney David Nomberg. He was very informative and expedited to a resolution that I could agree with.
Rod H., Birmingham, Alabama

Mr. Nomberg is professional, polite, courteous, and understanding. He explains things in layman’s terms to help his clients have a better understanding of what is being done and for settlements. I have had two workers comp cases settled with Bernard. I highly recommend his services.
Christina L., Remlap, Alabama

My experience with David was excellent. David was completely professional at all times. David communicates and explains the case so you would have a complete understanding of what is expected from him and from you; which I found very important when it comes time to negotiate as your case comes to an end. Also, he’s an excellent negotiator….Highly Recommended.
Lorenza H., Pleasant Grove, Alabama

I had a workers’ compensation case that I couldn’t seem to get anything accomplished with. Then I found David Nomberg and he was able to get everything taken care of in a professional and timely manner. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a workers’ compensation lawyer.
Alan A., Vandiver, Alabama

You want someone you can trust, someone with experience and mannerisms that have matured into success. I am very thankful to have had your representation Bernard. Thanks, sincerely.
Patrick D., Trussville, Alabama

I had gone through three surgeries on my left rotator cuff and the workers comp company wanted to make a settlement offer and when they gave me an offer amount I thought it was a bit low for what I had been through. I contacted Mr. David Nomberg to represent me in my settlement portion of the case. He was well informed on all the aspects of the ins and outs of the settlement stage of the workers comp process. He negotiated a settlement to my satisfaction. I was really satisfied with the outcome and would highly recommend him for those who need a lawyer for such the same situation.
Stephen K., Remlap, Alabama

I was extremely pleased with Bernard Nomberg’s services. He was at all times responsive to me concerning my case. He was very knowledgeable on the laws pertaining to my case and was able to explain them in a manner that I fully understood. I could not be more pleased with Mr. Nomberg and would highly recommend him to anyone that is in need of a great, trustworthy and knowledgeable lawyer.
Jonathan A., Ft. Payne, Alabama

David Nomberg is very professional. He handled all my calls and emails in a very timely manner. He answered any and all questions I had and was a pleasure to work with. Great attorney.
Eric B., Warrior, Alabama

I was frustrated trying to handle this by myself and dealing with HR and their claims service was a nightmare. After David was involved I received all of the back pay due to me and my stress level went to zero. We settled today and my medical will be left open for life in case I have a problem. David was always responsive to calls and emails. While you may not agree with a settlement offer, trust David and take his advice, these guys are pros. Would highly recommend to anyone needing an attorney for these matters.
Jimmy M., Birmingham, Alabama

I would definitely tell anyone who needs a work comp lawyer to use David Nomberg. David was great on my case. I called him and he always returned my call may not of been right that second but he was quick to get back to me. David Nomberg took the time to talk to me and explain things to me. He never hurried to get off the phone or in person. I was glad I used him and if I ever needed a work comp lawyer David Nomberg would be the first person I called. My case I had took a long time and I didn’t get a lot of money but I am very happy on the outcome of it and like I said even that it did take a long time David Nomberg was very nice and patient with me and all my questions I had.
Mike L., Brilliant, Alabama

Mr. Bernard Nomberg was very effective in my case and handled it very proficiently as this case required many hours of his time. His office staff was always able to handle any of my questions and treated me as if they had known me my whole life. Mr. Nomberg has not only exceeded my expectations in my case, but has so much humanity for his clients and makes sure its handled with the dignity and privacy it required to take on my case as it was so sensitive.
Trish S., Talladega, Alabama

Mr. Nomberg represented me in a case back in 2005. He handled everything for me. Finally had surgery in 2007. He got me a good settlement and continued medical coverage. In 2015 he represented me in closing my medical coverage. I had moved out of state but he still helped me. I would recommend him to anyone. I didn’t have to pay him anything out of pocket.
Sandy S., Louisville, Kentucky

David was very easy to work with. He always kept me informed of the things I needed to know. He was always available to answer my questions and never seemed to be in a rush when I called him. He is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone you can trust and will guide you every step of the way.
Jack D., Springville, Alabama

I was pleasantly pleased with the settlement David was able to negotiate for me. I appreciated the fact that David always asked my opinion and never gave me false hope. I have and will continue to send customers his way.
Misty C., Russellville, Alabama

Attorney David Nomberg provided excellent legal representation while handling my case. He made me feel at ease regarding this situation by being readily accessible with the highest level of legal expertise to answer any questions/concerns that I had regarding my case. His office staff also proved to be knowledgeable and courteous. Because of the actions of Attorney Nomberg throughout the entire process, I felt confident that there would be a positive resolution to my case. Would highly recommend.
C. Washington, Birmingham, Alabama

David is a very attentive attorney. He calls to let you know what’s going on with the case at all times. During the case, David sends out correspondence on when there is going to be a meeting with the opposition. He also calls to make sure you understand all aspects of the case and that you receive a letter in the mail. He meets with you to make sure we are both on the right pages, and understands what can happen in a court of law. If their are problems with getting Dr. appointment he will make sure you get your appointments. David won the settlement out of court for myself and my spouse. Excellent attorney.
Thomas B., Helena, Alabama

I would recommend Mr. Nomberg very highly. He handled all of the complications of our wreck with skill and dispatch. He negotiated all the possible fees down to very low levels. He will work skillfully on behalf of his clients.
Kathryne Mc., Birmingham, Alabama

David was very informative and helpful for the duration of the entire process. I would definitely recommend him.
Anonymous Workers’ Compensation Client

I was pleased to have Mr. Nomberg represent me recently. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend him!
DK, Pell City, Alabama

Bernard Nomberg provided me with exceptional legal counsel for my claim. Even though the adjusters were being difficult and hard to deal with, Bernard got the job done thoroughly and efficiently. He is a very respectful and understanding individual. I would definitely recommend him for legal services.
Joey S., Bessemer, Alabama

David was excellent in telling me what was going on. He was honest when actually I didn’t want to hear it but he impressed me with his overall integrity. I was completely comfortable that he always had my best interest at heart. I always felt completely comfortable knowing that he could and would take care of my case in the most efficient manner. I would recommend his services to anyone.
Donna P., Springville, Alabama

Bernard is extremely efficient and kept me informed through the whole claim process. My results was fast and I am pleased with my outcome. I would highly recommend Mr. Nomberg and would use him again if I ever need legal help in the future.
Lorraine D., Trussville

David, thank you for handling my claim as if it were your own. It takes a special person to deal with sensitive matters such as mine. Services provided by you and your staff definitely exceeded my expectations. You and your firm were highly recommended to me; now I know why.
A.W. / Hoover, Alabama

I was referred to Bernard Nomberg by my Doctor…. He knew about all the problems I was having in my ex-employers. I was ready to pull my hair out!! I went to see Mr. Nomberg and he took my case. After he worked with my case he wasn’t able to do all that was needed… But he didn’t give up on me. He knew someone who may be able to go further with it. And they were. But if not for Bernard….. THAT NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. Thank you Bernard Nomberg.
V.C. / Talladega, Alabama

If you have a Workers Comp injury / CALL Mr. Bernard Nomberg! If you have another attorney and your case is going nowhere / CALL Mr. Bernard Nomberg! When Worker’s Comp doesn’t approve your surgery and let you use your own doctor / CALL Mr. Bernard Nomberg! When you stop getting your weekly W.C. disability checks /CALL Mr. Bernard Nomberg. All the above happened to me then I made the CALL and within weeks all was taking care of by him. VERY IMPORTANT when you are home and injured he answers you.
Mike W. / South Carolina

David helped me to reach a fair settlement with my case. He and his team researched and requested all the documents needed. I can’t thank him enough.
Sheila C. / Fairfield, Alabama

David, thanks for all you and your staff have done for me during this time. When it appeared I had no one to turn too, and my back was against the wall, you and your staff welcomed me with open arms. The professionalism is remarkable, and also maintaining the family atmosphere, while still getting things resolved in a business manner. I can never thank you and your firm enough for helping me, and I look forward to having a friendship with everyone for years to come.
Jason S. / Pinson, Alabama

Bernard Nomberg helped me settle my case in a timely manner. I hurt my knee in May 2012 on the job and hired Mr. Nomberg in November 2012. We settled my case in November of 2013. I am happy with the outcome of my settlement and would highly recommend Bernard Nomberg’s services to anyone who needs a Workman’s Comp Lawyer.
Chris S. / Dadeville, Alabama

Bernard Nomberg is a great lawyer. He assisted me with a workers’ compensation law suit that I felt was necessary because the compensation group would not support my claim. He stepped in and worked diligently with a great outcome. He was even able to possibly determine what might have caused the accident and pursue that avenue as well. If anyone is in need of a compensation lawyer, Bernard Nomberg is positive and professional and a great one for guidance and assistance.
Rebecca S. / Adamsville, Alabama

David was recommended to me by medical professionals, as well as other attorneys in other areas of practice. David not only agreed to take my case; he worked diligently and compassionately on my behalf to reach a more-than-equitable settlement for my permanent, work-related injury. He was unfailingly professional, reasonable and informative in his handling of the case. As an initially reluctant – and novitiate – client, I always found David’s guidance very reassuring and valuable.
Linda A. / Montevallo, Alabama

Bernard is very professional and genuinely cares about his clients. He’s right up front about things you need to know about any case you may have. Would hire him again if I had to use one again.
Charles C. / Bibb County, Alabama

Mr. Nomberg was hired for a difficult and what turned out to be a lengthy Workers Compensation claim that had many twists and turns. However, the outcome was very satisfactory and Mr. Nomberg’s knowledge and professionalism was a key factor to the end result. I would encourage anybody who needs to hire an Attorney for an area that Mr. Nomberg practices to look no further than his firm.
Steven / Hoover, Alabama

David is a great lawyer, very knowledgeable in his field, he always keeps you informed, and knows the system very well. His reputation for honesty in the legal community is impeccable. David is powerful, assertive, trustworthy and reliable. He is prompt in returning my calls and responding to emails. Mr. Nomberg establishes trust and confidence immediately. I highly recommend David to anyone interested in the best attorney in Alabama!
Ben / Birmingham, Alabama

This lawyer was refered to me by Morris Lillenthal. I contacted Mr.David on a worker compensation issue which he looked over everything an he said let me take over and let me see what i can do for you. He treated me so very well it didn’t take him long at all for him to respond back to me. If anyone out there has anything dealing with a worker compensation issue do not make a decision that can ruin your life forever give this man a call. It was my best decision Thanks David.
Collie / Tuscaloosa, Alabama

If you need an Attorney, make sure you look here first! Mr. Nomberg was hired for a difficult and what turned out to be a lengthy Workers Compensation claim that had many twists and turns. However, the outcome was very satisfactory and Mr. Nomberg’s knowledge and professionalism was a key factor to the end result. I would encourage anybody who needs to hire an Attorney for an area that Mr. Nomberg practices to look no further than his firm.
Chase / Texas

I could not have ask for a better Attorney. Mr. Nomberg kept me informed every step of the way during my case. He went the extra mile and my expectations were entirely met. If you have a legal issue this is the man I highly recommend. He will not drag your case on and on just to earn fees. He is very honest and trustworthy.
Chris H. / Bettendorf, Iowa

Mr. Nomberg helped to settle my case for nearly triple the amount the defense was authorized to settle for. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney!
Melissa N. / McCalla, Alabama

It has been 1 1/2 years of nonsense. Bernard kept me focused, kept me in the loop and never made me feel insignificant. In today’s world that is no small feat. He accomplished everything he said he would. We are grateful.
Donna K. / Hoover, Alabama

I am very pleased with the services provided by Mr. Nomberg. His staff is always willing to help and hear you. You can tell they are very professional. They know what they are doing and they care for their clients. Nice People, Excellent Professional.
Noel H. / Hoover, Alabama

Bernard Nomberg provided excellent services from our first visit up until present. He provided us with the most informative information possible concerning our case. He prepared us for what to expect and what ever we needed to do. We thank you Bernard for shedding some light into our future, in spite of what we had encountered in our pass. You were highly recommended to us and we will highly recommend you to others as well. Again thank you.
Charles B. / Talladega, Alabama

I have had Mr. David Nomberg as my attorney for well over four years. He has kept me informed on every step of my case. Communication is great. Every thing from doctors appointments to reimbursements was handled very quickly . I could not have done this without Mr. Nomberg. He is one of the most caring men I have came across in many years. Mr. Nomberg got me the best settlement & medical that I could have hoped for. He is not only my attorney, he is a friend.
James / Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

Bernard defended me from day one and really explained everything so I always had a good understanding of what was going on.It was never about the money or about revenge on an employer, it was about getting the care I needed and ensuring the function of my dominant arm for the rest of my life. Bernard really took care of every situation and kept me informed of everything going on and explained the laws governing my personal situation. He is a great attorney and even better person!
Rachael / Ft. Benning, Georgia

Thank you for all you did with my case. You did a great job in my opinion. I will be able to pay off a lot of my outstanding medical bills and other bills that we had to put on our credit cards. I will be sure to refer you to other prospective clients in the future.
Robert / Hoover, Alabama

After my son was injured on the job and denied Workman’s Comp. we hired Mr. Nomberg and filed suit in 2006. Due to the extent of the injuries and surgeries my son passed away in 2009. Mr. Nomberg worked exceptionally hard gathering evidence, keeping us well informed, presenting the case and getting my grandson a settlement. I very much recommend the Nomberg Law Firm and continue to this day to ask Mr. Nomberg for legal advice when needed. He has always been courteous and respectful.
Linda / Fayette County, Alabama

I was nurse for a decade when I sustained a back injury on the job. Mr. Nomberg provided unfailing legal support and brought about a large settlement with my work comp company. He is the best lawyer I have ever used and would highly recommend him to anyone who is facing a work-related injury in the state of Alabama. Not only did he guide me professionally, but he was also very supportive of me as a person. He truly cares about you and every aspect of your case.
Susan / Ozark, Alabama

I had a hand injury. David Nomberg handled my workers’ compensation claim. David Nomberg is a excellent attorney who was very professional and kept me updated with everything that was going on with my case. He did not mind answering questions and when I contacted him he always got back in touch with me.
Nicholas / Alabama

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